Partnership Program

In the above video, Dominique welcomes you and explains how your learning journey will work.

If you are an experienced Partner-Affiliate, the 4 ‘Essential’ lessons below are all you will need to get set up. You will know the features & benefits of the DGI products and programs. You will also become familiar with DG Institute, our values and the community available to you. You have the option to benefit from leading Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) such as Allan Pease, Brian Tracy, Dr John Demartini and our very own Dominique Grubisa for Influencing, Decisionship & Goal Setting.

If you are new to the Partnership world, we recommend that you complete all of the learning lessons to equip you with the skills and knowledge you will need to be a successful Partner.

If you complete all lessons and topics you will receive a certificate and micro-credential badge (while your Partner Annual Membership is current).

By the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Understand what it takes to be a successful referral partner while aligning with the DGI values and brand integrity
  • Use the Impact partner platform to market to your prospects and monitor your referrals
  • Explain relevant DG Institute products to referral prospects
  • Source referrals and influence your network to see the value of engaging with DGI

Click on the below icons for the various lessons. You will need to complete them in order. The small circle in each lesson will become green when you have marked the lesson complete.

ZOOM Group 2nd Wed – 6pm. 4th Sun – 10am. Each month   Zoom

Join your Partnership Program Zoom group at the above times (Sydney Time) by clicking on the button. You will then wait for the host to start the meeting. If you are asked for a password it is: PPZoom.

We recommend you attend every zoom group to maximise your learning and be able to have your questions answered. Sharing successes will help your community of partners flourish!

Each zoom date will have a DGI facilitator and guest team members to support you on your journey.

Click on the below buttons to access your Training Assessment Strategy (TAS) and Client Handbook​

Graduate with a Certified Partner Badge and Certificate

Once you have completed this program, and while your annual membership is current, you are certified as a DG Institute Partner.

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